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Digital literacy unpacked launch event

On 8th November we were delighted to welcome some of our lovely authors to the Open University Library to celebrate the publication of Digital literacy unpacked.

Following lunch and cake, we were treated to a series of talks from five contributors to the book – Jane Secker, Clare Killen, Josie Fraser, Caroline Tagg and Geoff Walton – covering terminology, coaching, critical digital literacy, and creative use of digital practices in schools. It provided the ideal inspiration for the finale to the day, led by Mark Childs – a splendidly creative depiction of the student digital literacy journey, using lego, plasticine or drawing.

Some highlights from the day are featured here. Presentations will be shared via this blog as soon as we can make them available.

Meanwhile, here are two videos that give a flavour of some of the topics under discussion:

Facebook, filter bubbles and fake news (Caroline Tagg and Philip Seargeant)

Mio my son (created by Danish schoolchildren and shared by Geoff Walton and Mark Childs) – the inspiration for our own versions of the student digital literacy journey.

A future post by Mark Childs will expand on some of the learning from the AMORES project. This found that school pupils’ motivation to engage with literature increased when they retold the story to an audience of their peers using e-artefacts.

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